Take a Break

Grab a cup of coffee- or your preferred beverage- sit back, and watch this video to see some of the most spectacular footage of northwest Wyoming featuring fascinating and intelligent content regarding elk migration.  

Return of the Lark

The Western Meadowlark is the first sign of spring. Around the second week of March we start asking, “Have you heard a Meadowlark yet?” Logically I know spring is coming, but there’s something very reassuring when that first Meadowlark song is heard The song of our Meadowlark is very distinct, and I think one of…

Sage Grouse Viewing

March and April mark the mating period for Greater Sage Grouse. The males’ sunrise courting display is very unique and takes place on an open piece of ground called a lek. the males and females return to the lek every year for mating. The males strut and puff up their chests by inflating air sacs….

Unseen Wildlife

I often see the evidence of wildlife which have passed through. I always feel a little bit embarrassed, as if I was late to some special occasion. Those elk tracks are from yesterday and I’m a day late. That bobcat was on a hunt last night, but I was sleeping. If only I’d walked through…

No Roadrunners Here

We had a wet spring in 2015 which resulted in a bumper crop of rabbits and mice. The coyotes are now reaping the benefits. This coyote was pretty intent on running away from me until he caught a whiff of dinner. He couldn’t ignore it.