Unseen Wildlife

I often see the evidence of wildlife which have passed through. I always feel a little bit embarrassed, as if I was late to some special occasion. Those elk tracks are from yesterday and I’m a day late. That bobcat was on a hunt last night, but I was sleeping. If only I’d walked through…

No Roadrunners Here

We had a wet spring in 2015 which resulted in a bumper crop of rabbits and mice. The coyotes are now reaping the benefits. This coyote was pretty intent on running away from me until he caught a whiff of dinner. He couldn’t ignore it.


Finally, a decent snow in the Bighorn Mountains.  

Short Days Perk

One of the perks of these short winter days is my drive to and from work is right at sunrise and sunset. We have had some beautiful shows this last month. The light across the Bighorn Basin is hard to capture: It changes subtly, yet so quickly. Most of the time I just enjoy it,…

Among all the dainty flowers above 9000 ft in the Bighorn Range sits the showy Primula parryi, named in honor of Charles Parry, an esteemed botanist in the early days of the US Department of Agriculture.  The second photo is the flower from the side, showing the united petals.

The Pollinators are Here

The cherry trees are abuzz with insect activity. As one of the earliest flowers around my house, the cherry trees offer an early source of nectar to pollinating insects. Insects represent 80% of the world’s species. There are over 900,000 species of insects. Worldwide, many scientists agree there are more unnamed insects than named. There…