Take a Break

Grab a cup of coffee- or your preferred beverage- sit back, and watch this video to see some of the most spectacular footage of northwest Wyoming featuring fascinating and intelligent content regarding elk migration.   Advertisements

Deep Soul Happy

My friend uses the expression “deep soul happy” about the things that bring on that certain indescribable sense of contentment. For me it has to do with a place in nature where the only man made sounds are the voices of loved ones. The distant laughter of my kids brings the deep-soul-happy to my mother…

I Fancy It’s Springtime in the Rockies*

“Warm sunny days, endless skies of blue, then without a warning another winter storm comes raging through” is a line in the song Springtime in Alberta by Ian Tyson. It’s a common phenomena throughout the Rockies. The native plants and animals are adapted to these quick changes. The grass is turning green: Just in time…

Among all the dainty flowers above 9000 ft in the Bighorn Range sits the showy Primula parryi, named in honor of Charles Parry, an esteemed botanist in the early days of the US Department of Agriculture.  The second photo is the flower from the side, showing the united petals.